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Commercial Audio & Music
My hometown of Minneapolis, MN is a big advertising hub, which provided me with the opportiunity to get involved in commercial production early in my career. I've been writing, recording, and producing (and sometimnes voicing) radio ads, TV ads, jingles, industrials, phone systems and other types of commercial production since 1997. If it has a voice and/or music, I've produced it! below are a bunch of samples of my work. If you have any questions please give me a call at 615-668-6663 or email me at

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(All music © Whoosh Music, ASCAP)
We've provided a full range of audio and music production for TV commercials and industrial video projects, from original underscore music, to voice production, to sound design, to final mix-to-picture.

Original music track, voice-over production, final mix. Original music and final mix.
Original jingle and final mix. Original music track, final mix.
Sound design, final mix. Original music, voice-over production, and final mix.
Original music track, sound design, final mix. Original jingle, voice-over production and final mix.
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For many years, commercial audio production has been our bread and butter. We've produced hundreds of jingles, thousands
of radio ads, and audio for all kinds of commercial use from phone prompt systems to medical narration to radio theater.